BWK-BCN Toolkit is Available!


Want to design BWK-BCN? Get one of our toolkits! They are free, you just need to share what you came up with and pass it on!

Contact Alexia Mellor for more information:

BWK-BCN has been created as an adaptation to climate change. How can we rethink our infrastructures, heritage and relationship to the environment? Use the toolkit!

The BWK-BCN toolkit asks you to create (not-so) fictional scenarios in which a policy is developed linking healthcare infrastructures and forests; or a clothing line based on growing kelp. You are given permission to break boundaries and build a place from the ground (or rising sea level) up. The toolkit can be used by an individual, small team, or a larger team divided into smaller groups. See what you come up with, and how BWK-BCN might inform the way we think of our current locations!